Greetings, beloved reality,
what have I seen today, too hysterical;
Am I encountering filth of reality, shamefully,
yet sounding, instance too magical?

Is it a curse-ridden path, Do I need to tread,
watchfully mistaken, was I meant to be shred!
There was or was there any blunder,
that I envisioned the life out of regular cacophony!!

Was I meant to have all losses on my side,
while the future, the illusionist, forgave my sympathy!
Were my thoughts meant to be secret?
Never been dislodged unto indefinite time!

Was I meant to be like the tree that wailed,
while being silent was all it could, felled,
Or was there any barrier stopping me, strong indeed,
an attempt futile, all of the dreams, jailed??

I was just being prosperous to dream, unaware,
the facade of reality thus being successful, deceptive,
fraudulent, incompetent to accept vigilance thus beyond,
Aren't all of us the same old 'lose-to-smile' folklore, never interrogative!!

The revelations, at some point astound me,
the juncture, where my dreams are just preys to reality,
I fail to become one 'stereotype', as the rest,
'the herd mentality', thus on proof of its existence!!

As i attempt to break free through the vitality,
Out of energy as I grow, I see myself lost,
Doesn't take a while to learn, the brutality,
'Hand-cuffed' am I, left on realm,
On indeterminable dream-space, reality trick!!

The reality is all smiles at the mocking,
the shadow doesn't intend to join me,
It finds solace, scorning at me, sultry,
I revolt, I scream, but wasn't I, transformed,
A wailing unheard tree felled!!

The 'stereotypes' fail to help me,
much indeed, weren't they heeded to reality,
Like a hypnosis thief, all headed, involuntarily;
The realm, reality promised, the fake glee!!

After repeated assaults, the strength fails,
I needed to let go, the dreams that I yearned for,
I could have spread the wings of fire, unbeatable prowess,
but wasn't that left to be a part of the dream? Beheaded!!

Thank my luck, I had the opportunity to 'not' witness,
for all my 'raked' up dreams were put to fire,
Still when I walk by, I see a tree grown on a barren land,
and the folk tasting the fruits, Alas!
One of my dreams still came true, out of all sickness!!

Yes, This does bring a faint smile, Harder it tries,
the instill of faith, but the belief is somewhere lost,
I do not know if I would ever dream again, hate to see them during the autumn,
Maybe, the joy would never be the same, lies, if it ever would be!

The 'stereotypes' still continue to fall to the illusion,
failing to learn the false value of happiness,
they further are going to wonder and worry about, at sadness's intrusion,
The dreams are always true, coveted sacredness!!

In a quandary, I 'jolt' to smile,
Wouldn't that be a wonderful paradox?
The dreams to be rebuilt, replanted!!
Well, there's always an opportunity, wishes granted,
Who shall know, Only time will decide!!
Thank you!!

Tags: Delusion

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