Like every kid, I too had dreamt
of a prince who would be my lover one day..
Who need not be handsome, need not be dashing,
But a man so caring and loving and gay.
Who would once come to me and sing,
the song of love, it filling till the brim.
Who would care for my thoughts, my emotions,
And treat me like a precious dove..

That day did come, a prince did come,
To make me a part of his beautiful life!
Happiness for some, grief for some,
I did agree, I dreamt to be his wife!
Unsure about the reason I would ask,
"Why did you choose an ugly face?"
"Wear no mask,
You're different. You've been the one I desired
for so long." he would say, fixing his gaze
towards my eyes, admiring the love in it..

He did become my King, as I had dreamt.
He did ask me to be his Queen,
he did care for my feelings, emotions,
But soon, I got so attached to him.
Perhaps that was too much for me,
For an ugly duckling,
chosen by a handsome prince.
Too much than I expected.
But too late, my expectations had inflated!

Years had passed, the love too did pass,
I still didn't stop dreamingthat dream!
I still imagined him coming over to me,
Kissing my lips
and smiling in glee..
"You're my love, my life" he would be saying,
Sliding a ring in my dainty finger,
Kissing the fingertips
With the words that would make my heart
beat so fast.
Perhaps, that was too much to ask!

Perhaps that was too much to expect.
Lost in love, I felt I had been hallucinating,
in my fantasy world,
composed of a story so romantic,
Perhaps that was so much to expect, for an ugly duckling,
Who still dreamt of the soft bed
with roses and tulips
till she put down her hear
and off she went, dozing.

The love had surpassed, I was aware
But ot tell myself the truth, no,
I could not dare!
To break my dream, hovering over my mind
since my childhood times..!
I loved that feeling, he once made me feel,
when love was there, head over heels.

Bygone are the days, when I was special
Bygone are the days, when he did care
Bygone are the days, when I was his Queen
No longer survives the day, when he loved me.
Wars and fights,
compose his present life.
Journying around the whole wide world,
Filled to the brim with joy and glory,
without no place for anyone's agony!

"Someone still needs you,
desires your side..
Someone still loves you, still waits for you,
She ain't lying!"
I wanted to tell him, I wanted to scream,
I wanted to hug him,
and live once again, my fairytale dream..
But it broke, as love had,
When I finally realised, the absense
of the soft flowey bed-
I had been sleeping on the mud,
with cascade of hair supporting the head!

And there I stood,
Bereft of love, bereft of joy
bereft of that dream..
Waiting till eternity, for someone,
Forever, who I knew would never come back!

Tags: Dream, Sad, Fantasy

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