Actually shakespeare was quite a ignorant logicist in my view . he always tended to ignore things .. his phrases make a statement for him like .. "WHATS THERE IN A NAME ??"
.. "LOVE IS NOT SPELLED .. ITS FELT ..".. and other a few criticallly acclaimed yet very pretending facts .. but did his writings reflect more of a language than imagination .. ?? i feel so .. he was a great writer and this is all i feel about him.. but the imagination to capture stories and lead them to heart and soul so that u live it while u read it is what i miss in his great novels ... to all shakespeare fans .. i beg pardon . it is just a perspective of an individual .. i think it requires actually a soul to feel the situation . to breathe its aura . to mix its fragrance in moods .. add the flavor in writers' bloods and then to start writing . the frustration ,mood interrupts , necessities ,emotional overwhelms and other priorities become secondary .. its like a dream in which u fly high ,very high and above all prejudices and biases.. its an honest task for which at times u grow mean .. its a like a dream of a vagabond .. with no destination and no plans .. the characters change every moment ,so the moods ,therefore the emotions !! the imagination thus happpens !!!

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