The child was always following him around. 


Winter had taken one glance at her and had ignored her existence completely, but then again, his sister was a difficult female. Emotions were harder for her to understand. Loyalty was her only forte.


Spring had been delighted with the child and would take her out on long walks. The tiny human would return, her face flushed with excitement and laughter in her eyes. However, whenever the girl would see him, she would stretch out her arms, demanding to be held by him.


It was as if he was a special existence in her eyes.


He wondered if she knew how dangerous he was. It baffled him how easy it was to entertain her. Small animals of fire, dancing around her head, would make her eyes gleam with excitement as she would strain to catch them.


He was the most hated of elements.


Fire destroyed. It wreaked havoc.


And yet, this child, she looked at him as if he was a wonderous creature.


Her level of speech was mostly garble but she could sit and talk at him for hours. Although he was not known for his patience, he would sit and watch her talk and make gestures which she seemed to assume he understood. 


His sisters were involved in their own worlds, but they were understandably curious about the strange being that he had brought into their midst.  Once, when Winter had studied the child with a little too much interest, he had to warn her off.


The girl was his amusement. 


She was under his protection.


He would not see her come to any harm.


He need for sleep was an anomoly for him, but he found that she slept best when she lay in his arms. He would not move for hours, letting her use him as her resting place. The innocence on that small face made him keep an even sharper eye on her.

She liked to follow him when he would roam around and when she was sure he was planning on staying in one place for a while, she would wander off, trailing after a butterfly, or the like. Where he previously liked to lose himself in his thoughts, here he would have to make sure she did not injure herself.


Humans were surprisingly delicate.


One thing he did note was that any injuries on her, ignited his anger.


It seemed he had grown attached to this small human child, who drew him in with her simply smiles.

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