The sun has fallen from the sky
For She is gone,
And here am I;
All twisted, churning pain inside
Made up of love. But love that died.
She was my everything, you see.
My heart, my soul,
My very being.
Her voice would make my day begin,
The sun to rise, the birds to sing.
But my foolish pride and jealousy
Tore down her love -
Her love for me
Until at last that sad day came;
She said she didn’t feel the same.
I’ve tried so hard to understand
How love so large
Slips through your hands.
It fell so fast, no warning sign,
No chance to rescue what was mine.
All appetites, that once blazed bright,
Have disappeared.
Try as I might
My lust for life itself has gone -
What purpose now to carry on?

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