In the history of the causes, origins, battles and betrayals of that most tragic bloodletting known to humanity, The War of Gods could arguably be called the most heinous of them all. It is the flowery name bestowed upon the savage internecine struggle between the Eastern Gods, led by the holy trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh and the Western Gods, led by the mighty greek God Zeus and his patron, the king of Valhalla, Odin, father of Thor and Loki.
For thousands of years, they fought with one another, stealthily first, till the year 4056. That period was called the Cold War of the Gods. Later, more openly, with weaponry that almost wiped the whole human race. With Earth and the whole universe as their battleground, the existence could have ceased to exist but somehow it survived. But, this is not the story about The War of Gods.
This is the story of a fallen God, a God who was exiled to earth, the dreaded God known as Shani aka Sunny for the mortals. It all started during the victory feast of Lord commander Krishna, who along with Rama and Yama( half brother of Sunny) had defeated the naval fleet of the westerners led by mighty Poseidon and battle savvy Ares, brother of Athena in the battle of Atlantic that lasted for 100 years. It was being hosted by the Buddhist saint Gautam Buddha, who was unbiased to the battle between the two legions of the Gods. They were drinking mead and were being entertained by the sultry dances of the Apsaras who were brought from the courts of Indra only for them.
It was almost midnight when almost everyone was a bit tipsy with all that mead and festivities. Sunny was sitting along with his brother Yama and his father Surya. The players in the gallery were playing a song that was unfamiliar yet Sunny new that song.
He looked at them and realized that they are not what they were seemed. He had got a gift-he could unlock dungeons of the heart and could unfold the dangers that lurked there.
He saw a guard who was running towards the door. His heart escalated and he ran toward him and confronted him by holding his arms. “Who are you?”Sunny asked. The guard simply smiled. “LOKI” He screamed and as soon he turned to check, it was carnage his father was captured, mother killed and his half sister all captured. Lord Krishna tried to flee but a bolt to his legs, made his efforts futile. He was unable to locate Yama.
Sunny saw Loki and there eyes met. “Run Sunny Run. I’ll hunt you down.” Sunny realized, it was a grand deception and decided fighting now would be a folly. So he fled the scene, vowing to return for the retaliation and to take revenge.
“Blood fest”, they named it. With that simple trick, Loki wiped out the most important battle veterans of the Eastern Gods. Loki was promoted to battle commander’s position after that move of his. For the next one and half year, Sunny laid low contacting with the head quarters only necessary. In that year, Eastern Gods many men, Indra was first to fall, then Karthik, Ganesh and Parshuram defeated by Ares, Hercules and Thor respectively.
Each passing day, he received the news of the fallen heroes, yet deep down he was happy that his brother was still alive. Those were the dark days of Sunny’s life. He led a life of normal mortal without his Godly powers but spent every moment to plan a perfect revenge. Sometimes, he used to fall asleep thinking about his plans and his plots. Sometimes, he used to dream about his brothers and sisters specially Yama. The world was in chaos and chaos was necessary for his plan. He was planning to use this chaos as a ladder to destroy the Western Gods. But first he needed to contact his informant in Western Gods ranks, Daran (Anagram for Narad). He was planted their as Poseidon’s cupbearer by Lord Vishnu and Sunny.
It was almost a thousand year since the “Blood fest”, he was not receiving any news from his clan members. So he was restless. With each passing minute, his rage was getting bitter and bitter, so on a rainy night, he decided to start avenging and fulfill his personal vendetta.
He was alone and was unable to contact others Gods so he decided to kill the Western Gods one by one with the help of few forgotten heroes. It was Athena who died first. She was returning from one of her shrines after some kind of celebrations when a mysterious figure just burnt her. It was Sunny’s carnage. Zeus was so bereft of his daughter’s death that he sent Hercules to find the killer but seven days later he was found dead due to a snake’s venom. Sunny was not working alone but with him there was also Seshnag, Lord Krishna’s guardian who swore to protect him and now swore to avenge him.
Soon, it became clear that someone was slaying the Western Gods. Folks called it the God Ripper. In months to come, Sunny killed 10 Western Gods with the help of Seshnag.
But still, he was getting wary of the fact that he was getting nowhere close to Loki.
Folks claim that it was that moment of madness that led to Sunny’s madness as he broke the sacred vow of the Gods to not harm the humans knowingly for their use .
It was the year 7390 when the wheels of his vicious plan came into motion. He cursed the mortal world with the heinous virus that led to the death of millions and billions of innocent souls. Men cried, children hallowed and women prayed to their Gods and Goddesses to come to earth and help them and save them from that epidemic. After watching the sorrows of the mortals the Gods came down to Earth to save it. Many came from Eir, Snotra,Yggdrasil to Demetor, Hera including Odin and Poseidon. It was probably the first time when so many Gods were on Earth at the same time, making them targets, sitting ducks. The moment Sunny was waiting for was in front of him, he took his bow and arrow and aimed for the Gods and one by one all were dead. Sunny laughed hysterically as he saw there lives leaving their bodies. He knew that the crime he had committed was heinous but the hunger for vengeance can even make a God fanatic. “Garden of the Dead Gods” the ground was called where Gods lay dead.

Soon, after the event Sunny was called in front of the holy trinity to account for his sins and crimes. He was accused of Genocide of Gods and Mortals by unworthy means. During his trial, he said nothing but just listened to them. Not even his mentor, Lord Shiva said anything in his defence.
In the end, all his powers were stripped off and he was exiled to earth to lead his rest of life as a human.

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