Let me Start a Poem about a funny little site,
All cute and cuddly, but more infectious than a mosquito bite.
With blue and white font, it ends with a ‘Book’,
Its famous worldwide, in every corner and nook.

It was started by this Genius dude, a weird college nerd,
A social outcast he was, not part of any herd;
So he sat down and coded, created a simple little site,
With no hidden agenda, or any future insight.

But soon people were flocking it, like bees into hives,
Based on simple logic, that people are into other people s lives;
Like a nosy housewife with her ear to the wall,
Who wants to know whats going on in the next-door hall.

Facebook is based upon rules numbering four,
To figure it out , you don’t need an intellect of Thor;
So listen to me closely, coz I’m only gonna tell it once,
And its the truth of life, like yeast is to Buns.

Rule Number One, and I ain’t making this up,
Its pretty difficult to go up to a stranger and ask “ What’s Up?”
Rule Number Two, I swear I ain’t jerking off
But humans are snobs, they don’t miss a chance to Show Off..

And then there’s the funny rule, Rule Number Three,
People will even lap up shit, as long as it’s free!!
Finally the last one, and this is not a Bluff;
But there’s some sick pleasue in going through other people’s stuff.

So before you smile, and Copy-Paste this on your FB page,
Or trash it totally, thinking me of a modern mental sage;
Put yourself a question, this one you gotta ask..
Is logging of really such a difficult task?


Tags: Humor

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