She was standing in the balcony, deeply gazing into the night sky. The stars seemed to twinkle a little brighter than usual. Probably telling her they will welcome her with open arms. She thought she would be the brightest star among them and each time her daughter would wave to her she would shine even more and tell her she would always be her guiding star, probably the only comfort she could give her. A tear fell down her cheeks. She had to be strong. Now was not the time for fears.

She remember growing up in a happy home. Where she was the princess, darling to her parents, the only pampered daughter and sister. But life suddenly changed and she couldn't come to par with her life now. She tried and tried and tried but still failed miserably every time. Only she knew the pain she felt and why it was getting unbearable for her. She didn't want to stay back as a mother who was a miserable failure. She knew she had to do it for everyone's sake. There were times when elders in the family told her "Beta its all your karma". No one can do anything about it. You must have committed a lot of sins in your past life. They tried to comfort but these words did little to help.

She had to prepare herself for "The Fall". The fall that'll take her to another world. A world free of pain, free of judgement and free of misery. Where she'll no longer be unhappy, no longer alone. Tonight the sky will shine a little brighter, for they have added just another star.

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