I am intrigued seeing how seriously and religiously...err.it is indeed it is.... people take papacy.
I have always hated the fact that god gave one man or many man power to rule over all.
I hate to see when people give their life's so easily in hands of someone who they don't even know properly(read religious leaders).
They inadvertently become singular.
But as I feel pity for such people I also feel the hatred for these false leaders. I get annoyed when someone comes up to me and says that this particular person is so and so and he say that we should not do this and instead follow him as he had an epiphany.
I almost never fall for this trap but I have seen people around me fall for it too often and too easily. It is like these messengers just cast a spell and make people follow them blindly.
My mother is very religious and I am (now!)an opposite of her. We are like oxymoron's. We can't be without each other but we together sound too funny!
I seen myself become a jester in public gathering (read religious gathering) where people mock my open mindedness and make my mother feel bad. I hate these mindless morons who don't even know what, why and how do they came to follow what ever they are following.
I consider myself to be well read, but when it comes to religious topics suddenly I let my guard down and face the humiliation being thrown on my face.
It's not like I don't want to thrash those morons and make them learn the truth or the make them come to reality but I just give up easily. It's more like I don't want to change the world. I am angry but I don't want to do anything about it. I like radical changes but in case of human interactions and world there rarely are radical changes. It always a slow process just like, rusting of iron. You have to let the iron lie in the open for long before you can see any visible change. But I feel I am not that patient. I want something like Hiroshima to happen to the world and bam.. all the people are suddenly enlightened. But hey who am I kidding, It all just a dream.
People do not want to lead they want to be led. They feel safer when they have someone else to blame all their mishappening too. We find comfort in the fact that there is someone else to take the blame for us.
Well the world has been this way for far too long now and I don't see any sudden way out of it.
I am stuck with all those stupid peoples' around me. May be someday someone will come and prove (see sometimes I also hope for prophecy!)that I was wrong all the time as the reverse case may not need a prophecy!
Well let the papacy and all those religious heads enjoy their sovereignty and bask in their success til then!.

So long!

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