It was 12 years ago. Sometimes one dosent think the memories are as important as they are until they become really old. I can still remeber every millisecond about it. I looked into her eyes. And then thought for a fraction of a second, am i doing right or wrong as it was my first time and hers too. We were young that time. In those few seconds I could get thoughts as if I was a supercomputer. I was thinking whether she would feel ackward about it, whether she would take me wrong. We had been together for quite sometime by then, but still I was shy like a girl and she was of course a girl. And then out of nowhere I just looked into her eyes deeply and so did she. Then I just gently held her and then we kissed for the first time. I can still remember that feeling. Its been 12 years and still if I close my eyes and think about it I can relive every moment about that kiss. Who had thought that after that I would never see her again . And after so many years that was the only time I ever kissed a girl and most importantly it was her. It makes it the most special thing as shes the only girl I have loved in the last 12 years, or you can say ever. To conlude I would like to say,
moments come and go,
some are precious,
some are ordinary,
but we should always value the precious moments when we are in it rather than after it

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