When we talk about the future of religions on earth then first of all we must appreciate the history of the religion and their contribution to humanity .As far as the history is concerned evolution of all religions are intimately linked with the evolution of morality and civilization.

Religions had key role to unite humans to live in community with moral values and emphasize on the evolution of human consciousness .But when we see the modern world the development of humanity and religions are not agonist . It’s seems to be that the old religions are antagonist to the development of modern civilization .

The reason may be that we are more concerned with rituals and rules of the religions than their value added teaching for the evolution of human consciousness i. e, we are more concerned with periphery than the center. If we see the modern world then we can visualize that the religions are responsible for making man more helpless and dependent, as if man is losing the faith on himself.

As if religions are barrier in flowering of human consciousness. The question arises, is it the time of the death of old religions or u can say the death of conservative mind? Till now religions have fought a lot among them which results in riots, wars and generation of terrorist in the name of God. And we clearly see the all the great offences are done in the name of God and on backside of religions. Now religions have only one role I .e, it generates some employment in the name of invisible goods and services.

So it seems to be ,there is no future for religions to survive in the modern world and it is the time to give birth to a new religion of religiousness which believes in oneself rather than community, which is based on science and logic rather than blind faith and rituals ,which emphasize more on self faith rather than faith on some external source. Science should form the basis of the new religion of religiousness because science is the knowledge which able to unite the whole world and brings globalization & love should be language of that religion since it is the only language which needs no medium and understands by each and every creature.

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