During the day, In the Night,
They grip you tight and take control each time,
They pull you back and stretch you in time,
Dim your presence and flash the light,
The light of past and future : Some Fine, Some Impolite.

You hold yourself responsible for the sorrow and plight,
You remain overjoyed in the past’s recognition and prize,
These moments which have passed, don’t actually surpass,
Because You keep them close and forget the Present : Rhythm Divine.
You over-think the future prospects and how you can shine,
You day dream as to you’ll accomplish it all & be on Cloud 9.
Or you fear the future so much that you think all’s gonna go in futile.
These moments which are yet to happen, then may not actually come true,
Because, You keep them close and forget the Present : Only aspect so true.

You have to let go. Really, you have to let go.
Let go of the past imperfections and accolades.
Let go of the future prospects, fear and phases.
You have to be in this moment, the most prestigious inch of time.
Because, .. .

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