Yesterday, while waiting at the signal, looking to my right, I saw a slim, wheatish complexioned teenage girl standing on the curb, in the center of a makeshift, multicolored dressing room..on the roadside. She had tied pieces of thick ragged cloth of various colors, on all four sides to make for herself a tiny two square feet changing room. She bent down, was now hidden from my view.

A hand flew out, hung a ragged undergarment onto one 'wall' of her tiny 'apartment', then the hand was withdrawn again. I kept watching, as were most of those waiting at the signal. She was changing her clothes in full public view, yet hidden completely from view. A good two minutes passed by, she didn't rise up again. The car moved..I peeped in on the other side, to see if she was visible..she wasn't.
The lights changed to green, the car sped off. I turned back once again, but never saw her again.

When women crib even about large living spaces, I thought about this girl.
She had pretty much nothing to get by..yet she managed with aplomb..she improvised.

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