Sitting by my side, staring out of the window

Letting the breeze brush against her curly hairs

Smiling at the moment, sharing that smile with me

Speaking very less, mysterious, multiple layers,

And as the journey proceeds, the silence grows,

And walks and runs and finally dies,

And then the moments witness her eyes speaking,

Her words like the chirp of morning birds,

Her vivid outlook, her taste of music,

her witnessing the moments as they are,

And jumping over the music player eagerly,

To make me listen to her track,

And in those moments, I look at her

Not the full glare but a side view

Keeping my one eye on the road

And trying to see with the side glare

Trying to see her smile, trying to see her outlook

And silently again the journey proceeds,

Accompanied by music of her choice,

Filling moments of gloom with glee,

Sharing smiles, sharing rejoice

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