Believe in religion? Gods and Demons? Or else are you a firm follower of scientific gaints, Quantum Physics? Well, nevertheless, there still reside the Gods and Demons in you. And they decide your self and your course of life with certainty!

Look into yourself. You will see your positivity and negativity in forms of different traits. All along we had been amassing great virtues, but not without the vices in us. Whenever we saw the good in this world we had believed in it, the Gods in us blessed with pious wisdom. And when inclined towards the bad side of the world, the Demons had lured us and cursed us with a dark person within.

It's your beliefs, perspectives, visions, reasoning, choices and behaviour that defines you at the end of the day. They are your Gods if you decide to step on positivity. They are your Demons if you fall for negativity! Collectively they can be condensed into a term called 'attitude'.

Yes again, Gods and Demos exists in you, and it's all your choice to choose. Who are you with? Make a choice today.

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