i was at a restaurant yest.. a nice posh place.. and I'm having dinner with this girl..
there are these 2 kids at the other table, must be 7-8 yrs old..
and suddenly i hear them start singing fevicol se!
and I'm thinking to myself that we really really need to get better songs or more parental control out there.
7 yr old kids singing fevicol se?? thats one of the most vulgar, disgusting songs i have ever heard!
what has indian music gone down to??

Aa aa...
Angadaiyaan leti hoon main jab zor zor se
uff angadaiyaan leti hoon main jab zor zor se
Ooh aah ki awaaz hai aati har aur se

Fevi Fevicol se Fevicol se
Nain hum ladayenge baby doll se
Ho laundiya patayenge miss call se
Bat-ball se, Cinema hall se
Are marriage-hall se, Overall se
Tere photo ko seene me yaar
Chipka lunga main Fevicol se

do we really have no good lyricists left??
and is there no level of censorship left in india that we expose our children to such nonsense??
im glad that none in my house listens to all this.. but for all the kids alone n who watch this??
i shudder at the thought of how they're gonna grow up to be??
don't you think this influences the youth too?? their respect for women?? don't you think rapists listen to such songs and get turned on and do those horrible things??
i think some level of censorship is needed in our movies and songs..

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