The hmmm gang. Always cool. In torn jeans n chappals. But think high.
For them everything is below their dignity. Nose up in air...shoulders jerked backwards..

'Oh's theek.'
They mutter. At the wb sabji mandi.
'Yeh Gobi to kitni sadi hui..kuch fresh nikalo.'
They are never satisfied.
Their nose high in the air.
Neck outstretched.

They won't lift one finger.
As they stare at poor babu's burden.
Who sits and writes day n night.
But do a hmmm and a hawww
Bas aur kuch nahi
Not even lift a grateful paw.

Terribly kanjoos..with word
Or poll
When angered
Never hesitate to flash that sword.

Lazy to the bone
Even to move one tiny jaw muscle
To move body sideways
Takes them years
They yawn a huge hummmm
As they lie on that big bummm.

The hmmm gang.
How can one handle them?
How I wish I could take a torch
Flash it where they're hiding
Take a broom
And thrash them till they become
totally speechless!

Tags: Writerbabu, Humor

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