He sat there quietly,
Gazing in the dark,
Waiting and watching,
Wondering and thinking.

His eyes searched for her,
far and wide
His ears ached to hear her,
loud and clear
But she was not there,

He was restless of waiting,
tired of trying,

Then she graced her presence,
in the quiet of the forest,

Her eyes were the sparkles of darkness,
which he craved so badly,
He smiled and moved towards her,
Her stance didn't deter.

Fearless and bold was she,
Dangerous and vicious was he,
Her last moment wouldn't be of fear was all she thought,
How imperfectly beautiful was she,
All he felt
And this is how the predator fell for his prey.....

Clear and loud a shot was heard,
She ran with all her might,
When she took a look behind,
A pool of blood was all she saw.

Realization was like a dawn,
That the real hunter was not the dead,
But the creature with two legs.

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