I loved her smile, I loved her eyes
I loved the very essence which she was
I loved her voice, I loved her laughter
I loved her talks and I loved her dreams
I loved the very core to which her heart beat
I loved the majesty she carried herself with
I loved everything about her for I simply loved.

She loved me once, we grew wings and we flew
I told her how I noticed her and remembered her,
She told me to take a chance on her, I denied
I said the time has gone, you've what i would you want,
She cried and asked me will I take her in my heart
I said my heart awaits for the very twinkle of your eyes.

She came to me for a moment, like a dream , we flew
then she got her dream in someone else and she went,
then again she came back, we talked, smiled and shared
not long before the dark shadow again appeared
and she told she loves both , but then heart quivered.

She goes off when a ghost is around, and I knock
she peeps down the window and ignores the knock
when I ask her next why the door was locked
she mocks me saying you again were on rocks ?

I came to say my heart knows no limits
only if your heart was to beat with mine,
but seems your heart has forgotten the core
which I loved, adored , worshiped and cared.

I loved deep, but my lips are sealed
My heart skipped a beat on your thoughts,
I smiled thinking about you a lot
but then I would need a time machine.

A time slice, For the roses to reach you
for the love to touch your heart ,
and for my hand to hold yours , if ever.
till then good byes , for, loving you hurts.

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Tags: Tragedy

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