DENIAL is an inherent trait in every Indians gene pool. It is so hardcoded in our minds, that, we move into a state of DENIAL with absolutely no effort. In fact it’s a state of mind; it’s a high which we achieve with all the lying, hiding and cheating that we refuse to come out of it by embracing the truth.

Marriage – alliance of DENIAL
A couple has a son. Parents decide that the son has come to a marriageable age. So, they go around looking for a bride in the same region, religion, caste, sub-caste and other rubbish – to maintain the blood line. Dog breeders do the same. I know, you would DENY this.
Once they find a match, the family visits the girl’s house. Now, here is an obvious scenario. The guy’s parents exaggerate his qualifications and achievements. As a fact, the family takes a relative along, who is proficient in making such sales pitches. Once they believe they made a great deal, the alliance is agreed upon and there is a marriage.
Hence, the guy is sold for an amount called “dowry” and gets into a room with a total stranger. Would it be wrong to call him a “Male- Prostitute”?? (I won’t call him a gigolo, not all of them dance my friend!)
I know, you DENY this.

The AIDS Village – DENIAL of awareness!
There’s a village in Madhya Pradesh, by the name Pagariya Ram. If you are googgling it, better search under “Aids wala gaon”. It’s a disheartening fact that there are quite a few deaths in this village because of AIDS. However, the Sarpanch and the elderly of this village DENY. They choose to avoid the issue instead of facing it. They say people just die out of sickness, just like that you see!
As a result, the NGO’s who go to the village are perplexed. The doctors don’t have any information. The Govt. is handicapped as it has no statistics to act upon. AIDS awareness camps are just not allowed. There was a drive to reach out to the patient. But, in turn everyone who came to help was told - not to enter their houses.
It’s the Indian mentality more than the Indian Govt. that makes our country the area of darkness. Do you DENY this??

Women allow violence – Deny that ?
One of my neighbors, a guy, lives with his mom and sister. A couple of days back I heard them shouting at each-other, which commonly siblings do. That went on for a while. And then it turned into shouting and wailing and crying.
I understood that the women were getting beaten. I ran up to the house and rang the bell. The guy comes out and says “We are having a discussion, it’s a family matter. Just give us 5 minutes”. I insisted that I wanted to talk to his mom, but he closed the door on my face. I waited there for some time and left as there was no more shouting or crying.
An hour later, his mother came to the balcony and told me that they just had a “small-discussion”. Nothing happened and everything is absolutely fine. I could see her beaten up face and she was talking to me in a hushed voice. It was a saddening scene - victims DENIAL.
Well no, the lady is not uneducated and the guy’s sister is a Software Engineer! But still, this is how Indian women, who are victims to violence, choose to respond to help. And this is true in 95% of the cases. They put up with violence and train their daughters to put up with it. In this environment of no repercussions, men continue with violence and women ALLOW it. Now, DENY THAT!!

Mallika Sherawat – a better Indian - DENIED!
Journalism is a profession taken by great pride. News channels portray journalists as the unbiased ambassadors of truth. But, how can they unlearn the “Indian Mentality” training. Apple doesn’t stroll far from the tree, you see!!
I came across an interview of Mallika Sherawat wherein she was questioned, quite sternly, as to why she returned to India and how she could say that “Indian society was regressive for women”. For which Ms. Sherawat hit back with an impressive set of facts and statistics.
Like many Indian women, she was disapproving of Ms Sherawat. She thinks Ms Sherawat brings disgrace to India and she should never return. If its clothes – then she should have a look at Maa kali once. And if it’s the performances, then the journalist must look at Parvati-Maheswara sculptures of our Ancient Indian Temples. Well, I know this comparison would be DENIED to!
And why do we need statistics to prove this point. As a person who lives in India and belongs to media fraternity, that stupid journalist needs to know it better. And that disgraceful journalist happens to be a female.
Her major concern was that why did she not DENY it on the International Platform. In my opinion the stupid Journalist and the likes are the biggest disgrace of this country. Imposition of DENIAL – repulsive!
Sita is left in the jungle at midnight, by her husband when she was pregnant. Later she jumps into fire (commits suicide) instead of choosing to live with Ram – still Ram is “Maryada Purushottam”- EPIC DENIAL.

And the list goes on ……

DENIAL is the epidemic which has robbed the Indian minds out of logic.

Until, unless we can rid the country of this mentality, India would not be a free country.

Its high time that we embrace the truth and rid India of this darkness.

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