“I walk these busy streets & awestruck am I,
As I look up & up, at buildings that scrape the sky,
A city so alive it'll surely entice,
A city so good, they had to name it twice.”

If I didn’t mention earlier, please be gentle on me & know before it gets any more confusing that there were two guys who started their journey from the Vantage point. Me & Sumit. Today was no different. We went to meet one of our ex-colleagues & a very good friend of mine, Vidhi. The lady with a past of our own & a story as unique as a tongue print could be.

Being around a college campus & that too an IIT gives away a different vibe which in a way alienates the genre of population which constitutes almost the entire country. Physically, the quality of beauty decreases to a level as dull as the sky on a new moon night (in every sense). And still manages to compose its beauty by compensating through the vast lush flora (Watch nature, or its extrinsic beauty, that’s how we console ourselves).

What we expected was, there may be a possibility that where we were planning to go at 10 in the morning, a multiplex mall, we could find some or the other interesting activities to indulge ourselves until the second lot of friends finish their office to meet us at an entirely different far away land. A humiliating session of bowling amongst the three, followed by a pint of piss (Yeah. That’s what I have heard the Ozzys call their holy water), led up to the moment where we got to see probably the best Sci-Fi of the summers’14. A story comprised of Losers (i.e. people who have lost things or people or their own identity) teaming up against probably one of the most powerful villains in Marvel universe. But that’s a story that has its own copyright issues. ‘I am GROOT!’

We went ahead with the story realizing at every point that to let our lady catch her flight had to leave when the movie will be in its climax. But the Gods had chosen different plans for us & the engineering brains in our head forgot to take in the initial ads & the in between intervals & trailers as fillers. Consequently unlike our calculations, just before the final battle, we had to leave.

One of the only thing that happened & was interesting was the act that our Lady had beer for the first time & she got an amusing head rush off it. The other was of course the movie, the climax of which is still in the chamber of secrets.

The next stop had yet another tale, whether a love, a desperation led, or nothing as such. Supposed to reach a mall in another region of a dense & vastly populated city, we had to go through an extremely slow rush-hour traffic prone path & herds of cursing frustrated drivers in their drives. Pollution is not even considered a problem here in India, which makes it a lot easier to survive (Same as our brain knows we see our nose all the time, but choose to ignore it).

The fact that this part is included in the story is because of two main reasons. Firstly; the incomplete tale of a frustrated one sided lover hoping to reach, if not somewhere, then not nowhere too. Finally we got to meet the two gorgeously odd ladies (not just unique, but at times estranged too). It’s not an offense in my opinion to out rightly broadcast the surety of their oddity through any media whatsoever. But if not in Calibri, where shall the mind seek it’s confide.

We had a small birthday celebration (Did I forget to mention that on the eve of independence day 24 years ago, my dear Midnight’s Child Sumit Jain was born somewhere. And that is all there to it). The celebration occurred at Rama’s home, where Richa & Radhika had already prepared the small setup a.k.a. cake with candles. Followed by a session of brief jokes & healthy interaction over sex toys, eatable lingerie, waxing of body hair & contraceptives with vibrant examples, I came to realize one very important fact (the event is nowhere related to any real person or incident, if it so happens, it’s only a coincidence & shall not be taken seriously). The lesson is; never make fun of your worthy friends infront of outsiders (Strange new friends might be put as a euphemism). You never know when, where, why, about what & how people may get offended. It could have almost ruined my trip, only if I cared (that I do by the way). The day ended with much anticipation for the next, & gave little hopes for the days beyond (in terms of broken as well as frozen hearts).

After coming back, we were still due over the bookings of our ride of four to the Adventure land on the occasion of an extended holiday. To our surprise, each & every cab was booked from Mumbai to outstations because it was 72 hours’ worth of cagelessness which all wanted to exploit before it flew away. With much effort & little physical activity we got the vehicle from the first option we had (What goes around, comes around. & we were made to believe the entirety of the statement just then). Hope lost & luck won, yet again.

They say sleep comes to those who are fulfilled today. But I say dreams come to those who have kept hope for tomorrow. With the same thought process & keeping space for further thought experiments over how could things have gone differently? I kept my head down & mind slow.

See you tomorrow. See you again…

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