I log in, click on red notifications. Good. Satisfied. But strangely want more comments. Anon or seen.

Then go through the day's posts. Sometimes am glad they are brief! Sorry, really, I think all of us want it brief nowadays.
Personally I prefer brief, straight to the point writes more than long winded, beating around the bush ones.

Then the read and roll..rock and roll mania strikes. Hindi..oh no. Not my cup of tea. It takes a toll. so I don't give poll.
Sorry, really.
Why don't you write more in English?

Then some more dilly dallying. Log off.
Now fly to Fb.
Straightaway eyes on chat. Who's there?
Oh, here's the guy I didn't say hi...for a long, long time.
So the window opens. In between hi and hello, funny smileys and everything in family suddenly troops in. "Oh, here you are...ah ..on chat. No wonder."
Inane comments besiege me.

Bugged. I click off the window. Sift through the posts. Some interesting, some perplexing. Few confusing.
Whew. Strangely, tires me.
Log off.

Log in again. Wb. What else? Craving for something original. Real life. Scan some more. All's quiet here.
Poor folk. Working hard all day. Maybe off to bed a snoring already.
Fingers itching to write. So here goes....
Strange are the ways of a veteran babu.

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