This post contains adult content, although not very very derogatory to women but I can't help if someone finds it derogatory. If you are younger than 18 please go back don't read.

And if you are a cop, here is a disclaimer:

All the characters and incidents depicted in this article are the brilliant work of imaginary imagery. Its a fiction. Period.

I will be anonymous in this post so no need to take polls if you are just curious about who wrote this article. So lets start the story.

The story starts with a very near and dear friend of mine. He had been in a very loving and happy relationship since last five and a half year. But last Sunday we all close friends got to know how his girlfriend cheated on him and slept with some other guy and had been cheating him since last six months straight, under his nose.

Just a week ago he was about to talk to his mom and her family for final marriage ceremony. Needless to say, he was heart broken.

He was very sad ...

and angry ...

So to cheer him up, we all friends, six of us, got together for a breakup party in CP ( heart of Delhi).

We sat down in a restro-bar, had our drinks and discussed if there is any possibility for them getting back together. He explained more with greater details and it was clear that now its impossible. We closed the chapter forever.

So now what? We still had few hours to spare. One of us suggested that it had been a very stressful week for all of us so lets go for a massage. We all agreed as none of us had had a full body massage before. We reached Green Park. In the meanwhile the guy taking us there explained the concept of happy ending. That required 500 bucks extra. We thought lets see, it would be a very different experience and maybe we need not take that happy ending part.

We entered into the massage parlor. We were three of us now, others have left some prior engagements. This was the first time into a massage parlor. A fat lady of around 35-40 made us sit on a sofa to wait. There were many people there. Many beautiful and sensuous girls have come there for some makeup and massage mostly covered with some green paste on their face. It was just like any other uni-sex saloon.

When the time was right, we were taken in three different rooms. The room was small and dark and there was a long table covered with a white cloth. There was big white towel and a small maroon towel along with something white wrapped in a thin plastic sheet. A lady of about 25-30 came in. She smiled, asked me to change and went out.

I removed my jeans, wrapped myself in that big towel and sat on the table. She came back in and asked me to remove my shirt as well. She looked at that white thing wrapped in the plastic sheet and gave me a disappointing look along with a smile or rather a giggle. She said you haven't changed yet. I did not understand. I told her that it is my first time, what is this thing. She told me that it is a disposable underwear. She said, "you can change here, I will look the other side". I hesitantly removed my underwear and put that paper like while translucent underwear on. She looked back again. Examined my paper underwear and said you have done it wrong. I had flipped the front and the back. I had to change again. I removed it but I was not able to figure out which side is the front. I said sorry and gave it to her to figure it out for me. Finally I was dressed for massage. Rather naked in the correct way for massage.

So I laid down on that table in that dark room lit by just a candle, with my back facing the ceiling. She asked me whether I would like it with cream or oil? I choose the oil. The massage began. She started off with feet. It felt really good and I all the stress was gone in moments from my lower body. She started applying oil on my feet and started spreading it all over my legs, thighs and the inner thigh. Her touch over my inner thigh gave me the very expected sensation in the very expected organs and the very expected expansion took place. I avoided any awkward movement and expression and hoped that she don't notice the undercover developments. She started talking, inquiring about the friend who brought me here, about my job and the place where I lived. I asked where did she live, she told me her details. She kept laughing in between as I told her that she can use all her force and I will not break down under her weight.

There was a silence for sometime while she was busy applying oil and rubbing my shoulders. I dropped the question of Happy ending. I asked her if she can give me the happy ending. She stopped all of a sudden. Who told you about this? she asked. And what did he say? She asked again with a little mischievous smile. I explained her what my friend had told me, and about the extra charges. She told me that I have to give the extra charges to her only and need not say anything about it outside. I agreed. She continued.

She asked me if she can remove my underwear. She was comfortable but giggled in the process and told me that she could do it all with her eyes closed if I was feeling shy. I uttered a faint no. But after sometime I realised she had actually closed her eyes and was finding it difficult to hold the oil jar and making her balance over that table. I told her she can open her eyes, am not that shy. She laughed again.

She then applied oil over my bums. And she totally enjoyed applying it over my bums with all her force. She played with them for quite some time and then started tickling with her fingers. She ran her fingers over my bums touching them just slightly, and this gave me strong tickling sensation and made my assets expand to their fullest. Now she asked me to flip and to rest on my back now. I knew whats coming.

Now my thing was flying up in the air as I saw her apply oil over my legs. She then moved over my torso and finally started applying oil over my fully erect penis. She started rubbing it and started taking deep breaths. It felt more of a pranayam yoga than getting aroused. She started moving her hands faster and faster and it started to give me terrible pain. I could not tell her to stop but I was in pain. The way she was trying to do was "ain't gonna happen", I said to myself. She then put my hands inside her shirt and asked to squeeze it. I did so, but with utmost care as if they will burst out if I'll apply force. She told me to press them harder. I followed her instruction and she started taking deep breaths again.

I finally asked her to give it to me. She took her hands off but kept her head over it and kept taking deep breaths to help me ejaculate. I started shaking it my way. Things were now in expert hands of mine. I slowed down as she opened her eyes wide as she was expecting the explosion now. Finally I exploded. The explosion was so powerful that I ruined her cloths. She was shocked and was taken aback by the range of the liquid projectile. She was laughing at the explosion. She cleaned up the mess with that maroon towel which had no role yet.

She scrubbed my whole body with that white towel to clean off the residual massage oil. I got up and put all clothes on. I gave her 500 rupees as respectfully as I could. I put on my shoes and got out of the room.

I saw the other two friends waiting for me on the same sofa. I moved towards the reception, payed the remaining 1000. I could not stop my big smile when my eyes met with other two. We got out of there with the speed of lightening. On our way back we shared our experiences. We decided it was the last time we do this (happy ending) thing in India.

In retrospective perspective, I kept thinking if we did something terrible. Yeah we really did a terrible thing, but the girls there never make you feel even slightest trace of guilt. They treat you so good that you may even fall in love with them. The girl who gave me massage, she was just like any other girl you see on road. Her smile was not fake. The conversation was natural. I think I have never met a girl who would be so comfortable and so natural in first meeting. But yeah, there was a reason for that. She had nothing to hide. Nothing to fear.

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