The struggle is definitely real on this one. Workaholics seem to have no time for enjoyment because they’re too focused on working so hard eight (or more) hours a day and five (or six) days a week. Perhaps this is the reason why many individuals often get tired of life and doesn’t have the reasons why to smile or to be happy for anymore.

The Keeley Consulting Group understands that sometimes things could really get stressful at work. There comes a time when you just need to play for a while and take a time off. It might be very challenging to balance work and play successfully, but there are certain ways you can do this to live a happier and healthier life.

First, take a pen and paper and jot down everything you have to do and everything you want to do. Study your list and determine what is the most important to you. Mark off the most important tasks. Then go through it and select what you would like to do before or after work. This might be having a dinner together with your family or spending time together with your children. Each day, take a few minutes to look at your list and make sure to do at least two of the highest priorities on the list.

Second, create a plan to achieve your highest priorities every day. Make a complete schedule where you will make family time before and after work. Make sure to do something fun every weekend too, like going out with your family and seeing a wonderful movie. The Keeley Consulting Group suggests that you make fun time a priority or else you will get stressed out.

Third, if you wanted to finish your important work early every day, learn to discipline yourself. Thus, you’ll have more time to spend together with your family or by yourself. Remember that being disciplined will provide you with more time to have fun because it will help you to get your most important things done.

Fourth, bear in mind that working hard is important to be a successful person, but you also need to play or relax yourself from time to time. Working hard and playing hard is essential to keep stress away. Give yourself a break by playing a little after work. Watch a movie with your family, relax, and just keep work at work. Try not to bring your work at home, and keep it as separate as much as you can.

Fifth, take a vacation with your family and friends for every chance you can get. Leave work at work and always remember that you’re on a vacation to keep stress away. Don’t take your computer or smartphone if you’ll just check your emails and messages that are related to work.

Sixth, don’t give up on the things that you’d love to do. The Keeley Consulting Group believes that to balance work and play together and to enjoy life, you have to make sure that you keep on doing the things that you love to do, such as playing games, watching movies, riding a bike, working out, and simply enjoying your life in general.

Seventh, don’t get carried away with working too much or playing too much. You just want to do the work you need to do and that’s it. You also don’t want to relax too much because then you’ll never want to work again. Remember that this is important if you want to balance the two together.

Eighth, stay flexible in everything you do, and identify when it is time to work and when it is time to play. Keeping the two open and separate is important to stay stress free. You don’t want to be a workaholic and work all the time because then you will become stressed.

Ninth, you should also take breaks during work, but not too many, it should be enough to keep you going. Some workaholics don’t take lunch breaks because of too much work. Don’t do that. Take your lunch break and also a five minute break every hour or two. This will help you de-stress and relax a little while at work. However, don’t play at work because you need to do your work at work and play at home or with friends.

Tenth, take note that socializing is also important to keep stress away and to balance everything successfully. You should spend time not only with your family but with your friends as well on your days off. You must enjoy your life on the weekends. Relax and have fun with friends by playing games, fishing, or going to places that everyone will enjoy. Make sure not to talk about work when socializing.

Eleventh, if you’re thinking that spending time alone will only add emotional burden to you, you’re wrong. Spending time alone isn’t bad at all. You should also make time for yourself every once in a while to help you relax. Read a book or magazine, or watch your favorite movie or television show alone. This will help you recharge your energy.

Lastly, keep your communication open with your family and friends. Even if you’re at work it is important to keep the lines of communication open with those people who are dear to you. Knowing that your family and friends are just a phone call away will help you remain calm at work where you’ll be able to perform your tasks very well. It will also be helpful in case of an emergency.

The Keeley Consulting Group guarantees you that if you accomplish all of the above, then it will help you not only balance everything successfully but also stay stress free.

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