Who has led the Boy towards the lonely Path
He is still nothing but a Kid
Still lost in wishful dreams
Still in love with life
And still thinks that
at the end of the day
the serpentine path can not turn anywhere else
but towards Home.

He is nothing but a Kid and
Believe the way only a kid can believe , blindly -
Confident like a kid – who is convinced
If cause is just , nothing can go wrong.
Sincere, the way only a kid only put effort
As if it is a question of life and death.
Kid enough to Love with all intensity
And kid enough to hate wholeheartedly.

Well, the kid would grow up eventually
Will know the nuance of black and grey
And one day would weep miserably
Over his lost innocence .
And like all of us
World will turn into a bitter place for him.

Tags: Poetry

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