Yes, I know you loved me!
But wasn't it a permanent thing?
Had I taken you granted, or
Had I left you hurting?

Days you spared for me,
I thought you meant it all!
Promises you made to me,
Thought I would never fall!

Till that last day you left,
When I could see only your back,
Walking away, far, far away!
Could I ever win you back?

Nothing ever lasts too long,
They say, permanent is a myth!
But I could prove the word so wrong,
Only condition - you, me, with!

I was a selfish man, yes!
For you, for me, for love
That we had built together for us!
But you were even not selfless,
For you had given me those nights
Where I cried and spent sleepless!

Well, if this is all it is,
Then let it be like this!
I will not dream ever again
But it wouldn't stop my pain,
Cos dream of life comes ones
Afters are adjustments!

I wish you a happy life,
Keeping myself, the pain of knife!
But don't ever cross me again,
For my heart can't take it again!
I can never let you see my face,
Cos I never put you in disgrace;
Let me allow my tears to fade,
It's one of the promise I made!

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