Everybody writes about their first day, First day is the most uncertain and exciting day but today was my last day in Bhubaneswar. Yes, the city of temples. I was seeing the smooth streets and the crazy people for the last time. I was not regretting it. I was enjoying the feeling as if someone who had trapped me for ages is setting me free. I don’t know why.
My last day to school. My friend Alia was asking me to see the roads for the last time. But I didn’t become so emotional. Now roads are roads, any city we go there are roads so why see them last time. I felt like I could do anything. Nothing was right or wrong that day.
In my class there was a girl called mongoose, oops her name was Mansi we used to call her mongoose owing to her face. We didn’t like her obviously you would know by hearing mongoose. She was very particular about her hair. So I pulled her rubber band and ran away.
“Wait, I will kill you.” In the meanwhile the teacher came and asks Mansi to go to the practise of assembly for the rest of the day.
“I will see you tomorrow.” She whispered in my ears.
“But I won’t be here.” Thought I.
Next period was Biology. This meant Praveen sir’s class. After giving a long lecture and a few activities he announced that next day there would be a test and marks would be counted in the final.
“Who cares?” thought I.
That day ended, how I wish it wouldn’t had. I had taken revenge from nine people including Mansi. I had decided not to enclose the secret of my going to anyone but eventually Kaishaf came to know about it but she promised to disclosed it only after I had gone.
“Yamini, if you think you have got even a second to change your decision about going to Calcutta leaving bhubaneshwar, please don’t go” Alia said to me
“Alia, look if this year not me, who knows next year it’ll be you.”
“But, Yamini I have no other friends.”
“Alia, then its good I am going. If I stay here you would never try to make new friends. We will stay in touch. There is fb, watsapp, hike, line, phone calls, email, messages.”
“When did you become so techno savvy?”
“No, what I mean is we would stay in touch.” I knew we won’t. First month it will be everyday, then thrice a week, then twice, then once a month.........ultimately once in a blue moon.
“Would you be happy going there?”
“I don’t know. But all I know is even if it is not so good but I will not at all regret. I would happily accept whatever comes.”
I don’t know now which would have been better. All I know that she is in Indore, thousands of kilometres away. This had to happen, the sooner the better. We chat regularly almost. I am happy and have accepted in whatever way I am and so has she. The gap we left in each other’s life had been filled with tons of works and other people. Out of the whole incident what I learned is the quicker you learn to accept things and be happy with what we have the quicker your life would start seeming normal, like it had never changed at all

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