A poem written with lots of emotion and passion about my one true love. Do read. I hope you understand my feelings.....

No drink or drug
could ever be enough

To make me forget
How much I loved.

The journeys we ventured
The roads we conquered

The people you met
They all called you “top rate”

Couldn’t you live for just another day?
Our first ride seems like yesterday

Your body was shining in the light
I wanted to be with you day and night

It took me a month to know you
And then you were me and I was you

I wish you could be with me forever
But damn! Your engines, they could not bear

I would remember my each moment with you
Dear Bike, Trust me, I still love you…………………..

PS-Every emotion portrayed in the above poem is profound truth.

Tags: Heartbreak, Pain, Love

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