She took an auto from her house to the restaurant, she lied to her mother that she was going to her friend's place. She didn't want him to wait. She arrived at the restaurant and saw him waiting for her. She smiled, and walked towards him. He got up, immediately pulled her towards him and hugged her tight. She felt secure, and silently thanked god and told Him she didn't want anytime more. They moved after 45 seconds of immobility, when he kissed her on the cheek. They hadn't uttered a word, their actions spoke for themselves. They sat down facing each other. Nandini in a chirpy tone asked him, "All set for tomorrow? When is your flight ?"
Abhay after a moment of silence answered, "hmmmmm.... The flight will depart at 10 pm. Will you come to see me off ? Its ok if you won't be able to make., I know you don't want to lie to your parents again."
She looked into his eyes, and turned them away to read the menu before her. She couldn't let her heart tell him how much she will miss him, and didn't want him to go. She replied without looking at him, "I l try.... What do you want for lunch. I want to eat the desert."

They ordered their lunch and ate in an awkward silence, it had never been like this before. They didn't have words to express their feelings. After finishing their lunch they followed their usual regime of taking a walk around the lake. Lake water was sparkling with the sun light. The sweet breeze ran through her hair, her fair complexion looked glowed in the sun light. He took her fingers into his own, and their pace slowed down. The silence didn't break but was taken over by their affection. She realised that she won't see him for atleast two years after that day. She wanted to capture that moment, his touch, his scent, his feel, the rush which she experienced when he touched her in her memory and soul. Her soul belonged to him, and he had the sole right on her. Her eyes brimmed with tears and she stopped. He looked back at her, the moment he was afraid to face had finally arrived. He couldn't bear the tears in her eyes, the girl he loved the most.
He moved closer to her, wrapped his arms around her, their faces parallel to each other. Looking straight into her eyes, he spokr, "I fell in love with you the moment I saw you. You may or may not know but you are the most important person of my life. The best thing that ever happened to me. You are my happiness, my sunshine. I want you more than anything else. If you don't want me to go I will happily stay here. I love you."

Nandini was startled. Abhay had never confessed his feelings so openly to her. Without saying anything she took his face into her gentle hands, brought her lips closer to his, kissed him. It certainly wasn't the kind of kiss they show in movies, but it was wonderful in its own way. The moment their lips touched, they knew the memory would last forever. The moment of bliss would be with them even when they would be thousands miles apart. They could preserve it.
When their lips moved, Abhay spoke again, "Nandini, will you marry me ?"
Nandini's eyes again became watery, and this time tears were because of the happiness which flowed into her heart. She hugged him tight, Abhay didn't understand her reaction. He thought that she was crying because of him, he had caused her some bitter pain. He asked in a very low tone, "Nandini, you didn't answer me. You don't want to marry me?"
Nandini answered in a rush, "Of Course, I want to.

I love you, love you so much."

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