I never thought that someday we have to get separate in such a way and everything will get judged on the basis of just some couple bad times and misunderstandings which are probably nothing infront of the good times we had.
Which are nothing infront of the moments when we smiled and laughed together.
I never thought that after giving so much time to eachother, after spending so much sleepless nights looking at our phone screens, all we will get in return is just Goodbyes to eachother.
Never imagined that after talking for hours and hours, after doing unexpected things for eachother, in the end all we will get is just separation.
Neel.. I cannot hate you ever in my life because Whatever happens I have always loved you, even though you aren't the same anymore.
I didn't cared how you're behaving nowdays with me because there was always a reason which was helping to bear everything but now it seems that reason doesn't exist anymore.
Anyways I've never been weighing how you've been to me sometimes just because we both were good and bad in our good and bad times.
But now is seems like it won't ever matter to you, seems like I won't matter to you anymore.
I don't think I'll ever be able to forget you in my life unless I suffer a mental trauma and my brain loses it's memory and everything related to you.
My heart will still beat faster in your presence.
I don't know but time and memories might fade, but they will always exist and hence you will always exist in my life.
I'm the strongest woman you'd have ever been attached to.
I really don't have any documentations for proving that or anything else but yes I do have some soft copies of some things . And perishable they are. Nothing remains untouched by time.. So won't those copies and capsules we created.
But I will never forget you.
Now let me read your rest of the messages where you are not leaving any single chance to make me realize about my flaws.
Leave it its life I'm used to it.
Take care neel I hope you will accept this as the last message from me and bless you.
I can't kiss you for the last time on your forehead and walk away nor I can hug u for the last time and say goodbye but feel it if you can try to see what I saw for us then you can understand how much I love you.
B'bye take care of urself and your family me.
Have food on time and don't fight with anyone and next time please give your life to someone responsible and achieve everything in life and rest for everything my blessings are there. Good bye may God bless you.

Tags: Confession

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