To the friend i lost,
Putting friendship at cost,
It was just about the letter,
The letter i never posted.

Under the bed, was the box.
Brassy yellow was its lock,
Searching for something old,
Box was what i caught hold.

The box was now open,
Memories were now unpack,
It was like time-travel,
With pictures giving flashback.

Box made memories treasure,
And eyes were full of pleasure,
Found a crumpled envelope in corner,
Only to reveal a piece of paper.

Reading through the paper,
Memories took a u-turn,
tears rolled down the eyes,
And my heart began to burn.

What i had done?
The letter filled me with guilt,
That friendship was nowhere,
On trust which was built.

A little argument we had,
About which movie to go,
It would turn out this bad,
We both didn't know.

With all the love and courage,
In that piece of paper,
I wrote about the memories,
We had made together.

I was about to post the letter,
When i saw your giggle and chatter,
With the people of like and taste,
We both used to bitterly hate.

I staggered on my way back,
Missed the friend i now lack,
But now this all didn't matter,
I decided not to post the letter.

To lost friend, it was addressed,
With love, it was caressed,
It was just a letter,
The letter i never posted.

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