it starts with a cry
and curtain falls when we die
in all the moments in between
we witness colors of life

it is red and dark when time is hard
circumstances force us to succumb
each moment makes us feeble and numb
yet if we chose to rise and fight
that is the victory, the true light

it is green and vivid when smiles are around
each moment makes us feel special, that soothing sound
we celebrate and laugh and praise our deeds
to live the happiness to fullest yet rooted to the ground
that is the true celeration, true inspiration

it is grey and brown when we are not sure
confusions are all around, obscure is the time
we brood and think and connects each link
but if prevailing in that pandemonium is the heart's true rhyme
then that is like being true aplomb, that's like true song

from the clouds of darkness
to the cherishing rains
from the failures and falls
to smiles and gains

it is all life, knitted by fabric of time
colors are different, textures are different
but it is our own, each thread, each line
to breathe in and exhale with smile, that's the life

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