In our society, whenever we see a guy hanging out with a girl we assume that they are a couple. But there are always some relationships which have no name.

I share such relationship with a girl in my life. Sometimes we are like brother-sister, sometimes like a couple, sometimes we are best friends, and sometimes like crazy lovers. But whatever it is, she means the world to me. So I dedicate this write-up to her...

Three years ago I met her out of the blue
I never expected to find a love so true
I still can't forget that look on her face
The magic in her eyes, that poise and grace

Seeds of friendship that we had sown
Into an eternal love they have grown
We made our way through each others' heart
And now nothing can keep us apart

She makes me smile
She wipes away my tears
She is the love of my life
She drives away my fears..

Her smile is as bright as the sun
Her eyes as clear as the sky
My heart beats for her alone
I will keep loving her till I die

Its a love so different so unique
When she is not around I feel so weak
I feel complete when her hand is in mine
Shez the light of my life, my dear sunshine...

Tags: Love, Friendship

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