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Prologue: Somebody asked me why I have kept the title from GOT. I replied," the title will bring the readers, otherwise who would've read this article". We human beings, are very mysterious, we often ignore the realities and live in our own imaginary worlds.



I was standing in a hall. The hall was filled with many people. The men and women were scattered in small groups of their own. While family members were sobbing and crying, others were discussing something or someone. The faces were looking grim. Seeing the situation, one could easily assess that somebody died. A priest and a few men were surrounding the dead body.

Suddenly the priest asked for water, to bathe the dead body and for performing other rituals. The rituals were considered necessary for the heavenly abode of the deceased.

Someone went to bathroom, but there was no water. The tank responsible for water supply in the house was empty. The neighbours were asked for water, even their tanks disappointed. The handpump had nothing to offer. The pit of the village well was clearly visible. Suddenly there was no water in the whole village. Villagers were panicked. It was like overnight somebody stole their water. They realised that the “Day Zero situation” for which they were warned has arrived. All the taps were shut down. (If the Night King would’ve been there, he would’ve thought I don’t need an army to destroy them, they are doing it themselves ;P)

We are already at this stage
We are already at this stage

Somehow the priest completed immediate funeral rituals. A couple of days later, few family members travelled to a holy river to complete the remaining rituals. The situation there was worse than their village (Even Thanos was displaying an “I told you so smile” :P). The river was dry, as if it was not there at all. So many people were there to complete the last rituals of their deceased but couldn’t do so. Suddenly I saw the face of that dead body and woke up. I was afraid and was sweating profusely. I got up and went straight to bathroom and opened the tap. Luckily, the water splashed. I realised it was just a bad dream. But it left me with a couple of important questions


Without water, if we can’t dispose of our deceased properly, how the ones who are alive, would survive?”

“How many Cape Towns homo sapiens can afford?”

PS: As of now many cities of the world may reach a day zero situation within a couple of decades. Even major 20 cities of India are facing water crisis. The below images may explain the situation.

So please save water, no body else will do it for us. Else a time will come where the no of Cape Towns would be so high that the snap of Thanos would seem reasonable. I would use a line from Rahim's couplet "रहिमन पानी राखिये, बिन पानी सब सून"


BTW the below image shows that Thanos spared me during that snap :P

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