The other day, I came across this Facebook App that claimed to find out how much my boyfriend/crush (or whatever) loves me. No, it doesn't shock me. The internet is so full of random harebrained crap that I'm probably immune to it all by now; or most of it at least. But I am appalled at the number of people who actually buy into this shit.

It reminded me of those love percentages we used to calculate as kids. (I was a total sucker for those. Oh come on, don't judge me. We all were.)

A completely ridiculous game of numbers involving some seemingly complex calculations. (I used to feel like this great mathematician at work as I fervently calculated all my friends' love percentages with the kind of enthusiasm that would put Einstein to shame)

Of course, they never worked, but the excitement to find out each others' love percentages never diminished. Somewhere in the middle of all those complex equations, I grew up.

What I realized, was that love was more complex than any of these calculations. So complex, that people want to stay in denial. What exactly makes them choose to rely on some ludicrous Application to make themselves believe what they want to believe anyway? Are they just that stupid? Maybe, maybe not.

Maybe, they're just... lonely. Lonely in the relationship. The comfort of staying in denial and ignorance. The comfort of believing the App that only reflects nothing but what they want for to happen. The comfort is so tempting and so inviting to them, that it supersedes all logic. Reality is uncertain. Who likes uncertainties? The thought of facing reality is so... bleak and unappealing!

So, instead of walking up to their crush or boyfriend (again, or whatever) and finding out things for themselves, all you do is hear what you want to hear. From the love calculator. Convenient. Comforting. Reassuring. And way better than facing reality and having your make believe lovey dovey dream world shattered. Reminds me of Meghna from the movie Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na.

But how long do you live in your sweet little fantasy? And how healthy is it?

People already in a relationship who seek solace in these App results, are the ones who are insecure. They kind that are lonely in their relationship. WHY else would a person depend on an App to tell them how much their lover loves them?!

Wouldn't they just go up to their lovers and ask them? Or even better, the secure ones wouldn't even feel the need to ask. They'd already know!

The insecure ones are the ones who don't want to face the truth.

But before you join the bandwagon of denial and find your own solace in the results of a love calculator, ask yourself: The Love Calculator has a reset button. Does your relationship have one?

A few months ago, my childhood friend (the one I used to calculate those love percentages with) showed me this Game/App she had on her cell phone that calculated love percentages. It calculated your compatibility depending on the number of letters in your name. (or something of that sort)

After much persuasion (okay no, I admit, I did not need any persuasion whatsoever. Did I mention I was a sucker for those?) I typed my name first followed by his. It came to 78%.

We both frowned.

"No, there's something wrong. Let's try again." my friend cajoled.

This time, I typed his name first and then typed mine. It came to 96%.

And we, despite our wise, grown-up selves, giggled and squealed like those two school girls we were again.

The calculator had shown me what I wanted to see.

And I admit, for that moment, just that one teeny-tiny moment, I too was guilty of measuring love in numbers.


Dedicated to: Priyanka... The childhood best friend.


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