Apologies for the crude title.

I was coming home late night on 3rd oct 2013 after having a very delicious meal cooked for me by a star class chef.The metabolic system was busy differentiating between saffron from food colors and proteins from fats, taking up a lot of calories and I was preparing to crash on my bed.

As soon as I took the last turn which leads to the park next to my home I saw few cops standing around a dimly lit corner talking to a guy, being a concerned citizen and by virtue of being a chair holder of the resident's welfare society I stopped by and inquired what the whole episode was about.

I was told that the cops had heard shrill cries of help coming from residence of one of my friends place, on inquiring it turned out that the domestic help was trying to lay with his own daughter and his wife was crying for help on the terrace as the man had locked him in with his daughter.

The cops had managed to make him come out of the room and were asking him questions to which this gentleman father had one single answer 'she is lying'.

I had enough of listening to the fake truths and decided to ask a little differently. The first unannounced slap landed him on ground and immediately the goddess of truth and wisdom ,her holiness goddess Saraswati, took her seat on his throat.

Turns out the guy was in fact trying to lay his own daughter but guess what? the wife won't push charges, the daughter won't say anything even after I made him to confess.

I came back to my place after having delivered a little more memory and behavior correction treatment and making sure that the guy never gets to enter that house in night, but a question is haunting me now.

How many women and daughters these two ladies represent ? How many such things are in fact taking place at this moment while you are reading this post ?

We may make strict laws, even better enforcement but its of no use when there are no complaints.I can't sleep now, at-least for the time being, but the policy makers been sleeping at ease even after munching thick loafs of fodder.

Tomorrow the sun will again rise, women freedom activists will follow their own agenda for the day, policy makers will be busy drinking subsidized tea.

But the Sun will never be the same for that girl whose father tried to rape her.

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