so I decided to dedicate this post to all the men in our lives. We all have men in our life. Whether it is our father or brother or friend or boy friend. Each of them are unique and special in their own way. I'm going to describe the many men in my life.
1. The Sensitive
Now there was a time when it was girls who were sensitive and guys who were brash. But times have changed. Most of the girls are tom-boyish while the guys are sensitive. I can give you people a good example. My closest friend is a guy. We both know each other from eight years. And in all these years if there is one thing I have learned about him, its that he is really sensitive. He has a poor knowledge about sarcasm and I am sarcastic. I could probably be called as an expert. Once I commented on his head in a sarcastic way. His head is a perfect round. So I referred to his head as "ragi mudhdhe". This is a Kannada word and it means Ragi Balls. They are a black greyish color and they are really round. So I called him that and he thought I was making fun of his skin. Guy did not speak to me for days. Sensitive much? Yeah.
2. The Innocent Angels
There are some guys who are so damn innocent, they put babies to shame. There is this guy in my class who is really innocent and naïve. He blushes easily and gets embarrassed easily too. I'm sure there are many out there who know this.
3. The Naughty Imps
Now these are the ones that are more. I swear to god these type of guys get a strange pleasure in irritating the life out of girls. Again, I must make an honorable mention of my classmate here. If the guy doesn't tease me at least once in a day I'm sure he might spontaneously combust. Another guy is my brother. He was born for the sole reason to irritate me.
4. The Sweet Ones
I think I don't need to tell anything here. It's kind of self explanatory.
5. The gentleman's gentleman
I yearn for men like this. Gone are the days when men would pull out chairs for women Or offer flowers just because. Or the ones who would dress in such sharp clothes that girls would be impressed.
6. The Macho Men
These are for all men who are athletic and muscular. I have way too many men in my life who are macho. Its always the Macho who have a heart softer than cotton. Its cute really.
7. The Drama Queens
Now there are 2 mentions here which I want to make. My friend's cousin is the first. He is so sensitive that he misunderstands everything my friend says or does. He is such a drama queen that he puts the best actors to shame. The other one is my friend's friend. This guy is pretty much in line with the first. I don't know how my friends manage them.
8. The charming
I love these guys. They are so suave and charming . My bestie is really charming. He manages to get information from me so easily.
These are just about the few men in my life...But there are so many different guys out there. Each one is different and unique. And we girls usually accept men in our life in whatever way they are because they are precious to us. Sure there are the bad one's. I have one guy in my life that I hate . I can't stand his ugly face or the utter nonsense that comes from his mouth. But he is still a part of my life. But I can tell for sure there aren't any perfect guys. But I accept these dolts for what they are. That's what makes a guy a guy.

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