The mask of anonymity is so powerful yet so cowardly. Let me establish the context. There has been a rage of "Confession" pages for school and colleges. I had the pain to administer one of these. The number of love confessions were outstanding. Having crushes in school is quite normal but girl belonging to 8th standard asking a guy to marry him?
Bitchy confessions were more from girls, claiming some other girl as slut, fatso (Ughh)etc.
And then there were self obsessed people who took their own name in confessions, posting love confessions about themselves.

But guess what all this didn't faze me. What actually made me run way from the page is their crappy use of English. (Grammar nazi rears her head) Just for laughs, here is one: (Yeah, I am evil.)

Ew had joined da skul dis year only nd i thout that ew r ful of attitude but i was wrng bcz i heard a lot frm othrd pepl abt ew nd wat i got to knw was that ew r too swt..prsnly ew dnt evn knw me but i wnt to tel ew that 3 i really luv ew 3
ew r too cute nd ewr smile is jst fab :) ewr eyes to jst mashallah ;)
jst luv ew a lot n ewr smile also :)

*Dies as her eyes bleed away*

Tags: Humor, Confession

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