"I now request the most successful author of this year to address the gathering". I stood up and I walked to the dais. The audience was clapping. I saw them all. So many of them waiting just to see me, so many of them eager to listen to me speak, so many of them waiting for my autograph. The feeling of joy never left. I was happy enjoying the limelight. I was happy that my work was finally recognized. I made a short speech which appealed the crowd. Then the anchor announced " We will now have the book release of our dear author's most awaited book". This was my moment of glory. I stood up again and as I was holding the wrapped book, some music began to play from the speakers. I continued with my work, but the music continued blaring from the speakers. It wasn't the sort of music they'd put on during a function like that. It was more of an alarm tone!
Alarm tone??? Ooops!!! It was then that I realized that I was just dreaming and it was my cellphone playing that horrendous alarm tone again and again! Poor me! I woke up telling myself it was just a dream. So back to my normal life again. I remembered that I'd lots of work left to do and hence started off with it! I went to college and during the break I went to the library to read the newspaper. I opened the second page and I found a photograph of me with my team in a competition. I felt great. I told my friends about it and they congratulated me as well. The rest of the day went on just like any other. But something still struck me about that dream.
Morning turned to evening and evening to night. I sat in front of my laptop to check my mail. Check.. Check .. check.. all normal stuff., nothing extraordinary! Not until I found this mail from the magazine I subscribe to. It read this "We are glad to inform you that your article has been published in our magazine." My joy knew no bounds. I ran to my room pulled out the magazine from the pile of books that was lying there. I was busy in my college work that I'd forgotten to read this month's issue. And there it was my article. Published!!! What a feeling that was! Yes, this was my moment of glory, maybe a small one.
My dream still remains a dream. I don't know why I got that dream. I don't whether I'll even write novels and have them published. But I know for sure that I will keep writing. Who knows the event which happened was a small indication of my dream being turned to reality? You never know!

Tags: Happiness, Joy, Dream

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