It was a Saturday morning.I was expecting my friends to be coming around 10:30 or 11:00.The first guest to arrive was Aditi.We had fun,talking ,chatting and planning what to do on that day!We were watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S when I received a phone call from Urvi who was also supposed to come on that day.She asked us to pick her up from the gate of my complex.We agreed.Upon reaching her,we had a happy reunion greeting each other and I thanked her profusely for the magnum ice-cream that she had bought for us.Although we had agreed to go to Hiland Park upon Urvi's arrival,I had to return home to put the ice-cream into the freezer.Then onward,we started our five-minute journey to Hiland Park.

Usually I never went anywhere without my mother's permission only because she had always allowed me to do so.But just the night before she and I had had a major fight about going to Hiland Park.Entirely defying her,I made my way towards Hiland Park feeling guilty and courageous at the same time.I just had that niggling thought at the back of my mind that my mom was just behind me and I had a picture of her in my mind disappointed in me.I knew she would never believe that I had lied to her.I suddenly felt alone I wanted to go back the way I had advanced but once I had started I could not turn back fearing the thought of being called a sissy by my friends.

At around,11:44 the earthquake took place.We were clicking selfies at that moment.Suddenly I felt quite dizzy,I looked towards Aditi and she stared back at me.I knew she could feel what I was feeling. Urvi,unaware of anything went on taking selfies.Having experienced an earthquake before,fear gripped my heart knowing not what to do. Without a second’s thought I left my friends and ran the last few feet as fast as I could.At the same time,I grabbed my mobile phone out of my pocket and started calling my mother and brother. Turning back I urged my friends to follow me.The earthquake might have lasted a whole six seconds but to me it felt like decades until it had lasted.

I saw families leaving old parents inside as the old people clutched the windowsill knowing that their time to die had come.Children were held near their mother’s bosom and were hugged tightly.There were people running everywhere madly in search of a last reunion of their family.The water from the fountain gushed in and out unable to contain itself.Whatever misery was out there in the world I had experienced it in just a span of just six seconds.

After the earthquake ended,people were still in a state of shock but rushing upstairs to tend to their old parents.There were still some people who kept staring at the fountain expecting for more furious aftershocks.Other cautious people quickly made their way back to their home while a majority of them waited for the mall to open.I was still shocked by the incident.On calling my brother and mother,I was relieved to hear that they were alright.I was thankful that my mother had gotten out of the metro station just minutes before the earthquake.Still pretty shaken by the fact of the earthquake,the three of us didn’t dare enter Hiland Park.On the journey back home i felt rather miserable while my friends tried their best to succeed in making me laugh.Fortunately enough,They did so.We hurried back home and I made a solemn promise to myself of never defying my mother or at least to inform her my destination.This horrific experience had pretty much cured me for good.

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