Tell me I'm wrong to love play on word phrases.

Whether it be God, my family, my friends, my son, or my soul telling me that I only have a few steps to go before the boundaries I put in place begin self implode, it feels like all of the above are correct. Is it spiritual? Is it the super blood moon eclipse pope arrival autumn equinox? Is it just a thought that I blew out of proportion during these significant worldly events?

I don't know but there's a smile of innocence that graces my presence a few dozen times a day and it brings this unique dialogue to begin within myself. Effects of this continue to blaze onto the scene through the daily events of my life. A chorus if you will continues singing me closer to a victory that is self created and spiritually designed. My son's smile of joy builds me up again and again. Sure the smell of him dumping a load or two refreshes the senses, but that's a whole different category and couldn't be called enjoyable to say the least.

What is edging me forward are the ideas that populate my mind through the day with new and different methods I can use to fix my ways of error. My mistakes and missed opportunities to do the right thing for everyone involved. Including myself.

But I'm inwardly torn as I step forward with the need of wanting to help others while helping myself as well. So I have grand hope and an eager spirited want to bring a new chapter to life that tells the tale of life. Carrying within it all the emotional twists and turns along with the numerous joyous musings that life brings to each of us to learn from. Except that this tale of life should be child appropriate and retain the innocence that life tempts us to squander.

It doesn't have to be just me. You can join this fiasco of an idea and burrow through the mountains of distraction that surround us through our days. But together we'll know we aren't alone. We'll be vanquishing one distraction after the next.

The focus will be mind, body, and soul and how nuts it is to even pursue when you are raising a family. It'll be crazy, it'll be interesting, but it won't be stale.

This is what continues to bubble up in my mind and heart. I believe this could be the next step. For me definitely, but maybe you as well.

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