Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the apartment
Not a cockroach was stirring
Just bats in the heater vent

The stockings were hung
on the bedroom door with care
Everyone was hoping that later
Something would be in there.

The old folks were snoring
and snuggled in their beds
Their thoughts were controlled
By taking all their meds

Mom is in her long gown
And some sleep in nothing
They all settled down
With all their ears ringing.

Then all of a sudden
They got woke up in a fright
They put their glasses on
So they could see the great sight

Squinting they could see a fat man
All dressed in red
He didn't have any food with him
So they went back to bed.

The fat man in red
knocked on the door
The old man heard the commotion
and rolled on to the floor.

He crawled to the window
And jump as he saw
The fat man who wore red
Quickly grew very tall

The man in red hopped to the roof
So the old man grabbed his shotgun
He pointed it upward as soon as he could
And blew a hole in the ceiling when he was done

The old folks then, went back to sleep
Without a care in the world
Outside the snow flew around
And into the house the wind swirled

The fat man in red fell through the roof
And carried in a big red bag
It was full of lots of presents for
the old folks, and It was no gag

He emptied the stuff
All over the little apartment floor
As quick as he came
He was already out the door.

Ho..Ho..ouch is what he then said
As he left the old folks home
"So much for this place now
I'm on my way to Nome."

Merry Christmas to you all
And to all....Don't get old!!

Tags: Humor

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