What went wrong i think,

I come home late everyday,
The nights colder than the day,
Just because the city is Bombay!

The city of Dreams they say,
Yet each day feels like a doomsday.

A girl i dream of every night,
Even though i'm not a Knight.

I cant sleep due to insomnia,
Which is worser than pneumonia.

Brain stimulators help me at day,
While Red Bull keeps my evening sway.

Mom says you look dull,
She doesn't know my heart value is Null.

I try to study a bit,
But my brain doesn't let the knowledge transmit.

Morning train is again a rush,
Thinking of her i blush,
People may think what is wrong with him,
Noticing which i suddenly grim.

40 minutes of Journey i have to travel,
The girls in the train always Babble,
Listening to, my ears start paining,
Its better to bear the dogs barking. :D

Ending this nonsense poem i have to sleep,
Even the neighbourhood cat has started to weep,
I dont know what else to say,
Hope my mother wakes me up with a water spray :D

Tags: Humor

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