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The mall was fizzing with chatter and noise of window shoppers and food junkies. And among them, joking and laughing at our internal jokes were Arjun, Riya and me. We three have been friends forever. It was our customary ritual to meet the girlfriend/ boyfriend of the others. And today was Arjun’s time. He was dating this mysterious girl whom no one had seen. Riya jokingly said “Don’t you think you are too old to have an imaginary friend?” Arjun was literally panicking and sweating like a hose. He replied “quiet rich coming from a girl whose only kiss other than her parents was from Dip on her birthday on her cheeks.” We all laughed. I knew it was like our official meeting with Maya(the mystery girl), so I proposed that why don’t we(Riya and I) sit at the adjacent table giving Arjun the space to do his thing. Arjun and Maya were going four months strong and I had a feeling that Arjun might propose his love for her today. Riya offered to video tape the whole proceeding to freeze the moment. The whole plan seemed promising but ………

It was around 7 when Maya arrived. I looked at Arjun and then at Riya. She was beautiful. Riya was praising her like her solicitor even though she didn’t know her. They had been chatting for half an hour when Arjun held her had and said “Maya, these four months have been amazing for me. You made that possible. So, I think…..i love you”
Maya was shocked to hear that. It was clear that she was not expecting this. She said “What??..I think…….no…”
I was like, “what the hell!” Riya dropped her phone and looked embarrassed. She dint even know what to do. She just screamed “I am going to pee.” And everybody looked at us.
“What is happening?”I thought trying to hide my face with embarrassment.
“Arjun, I know you for like 4 months. And I don’t think I am ready for a commitment. Sorry. I hope you understand.” Maya said trying to sound genuinely concerned.
Arjun was agog, shocked and embarrassed at the same time. I have not seen him this low since the time his father told Riya and me that he used to sleep with his teddy bear till 12 standard.
“I need some air.”Arjun said and stormed out of food court.
It was me and Riya and an awkward silence. Maya was sitting alone with her smartphone. She was sad and possibly I tears too. It was unexpected.
Riya suddenly said to her “I am so sorry.”
Maya looked at her and said “Yeah, but I feel bad.”
“Well, you might not like him today but you never know about future.” Riya said to her.
I continued “With all the quirks and madness and problems that we have had, I cant imagine a day without her.”
Maya was listening to our speech and it seemed like we had turned the NO to YES, when Arjun arrived and said “Listen, Maya I may have came down strongly but I think we should not stop dating each other. The night is still young and…”
“Wait.”Maya interrupted.
“Arjun, these guys told me what it meant to be in relationship and whether I can picture myself without you in future or not.” She said.
“And??”ARjun asked.
“And I can.”
“what?you guys said that” Arjun asked looking at Riya and me.
“NO, Arjun. They have opened my eyes and I think you deserve someone better.”
We were flabbergasted. Arjun was on verge of crying. We too are so ashamed coz we were somewhere responsible for this debacle. Maya later left the place leaving three of us. “I cant believe you two could do this to me.” Arjun said.
“Oh. Come on. Thank us. I think you got the better end of the deal. She seemed older than you.” Riya said trying to salvage the situation.
“Listen bud, I know you and you deserve someone way better than her.” I added.
“I think she had crazy eyes.” Riya said.
“And she acted like know-it-all. She was not nice, man” I piled up.
This went for another and by 9 pm, he was not sad of the fact that his proposal was rejected but……
Maya came back almost running towards our table and said “I left the place but I was wrong. These four months were the best months of my life and you made it so amazing, Arjun.”
“I regret my decision, Arjun and I almost cried on my back home. So Arjun I accept your proposal. I love you, too.” Maya said. Everyone at food court was looking at us.
Arjun looked at us and us at him. And our impulsive reaction was “Wish you two goodluck.” And we left.

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