Man regards me as I am a king

more precious I am than a diamond ring

and indeed i am the most powerful of all

the world I can drown without any protocol

within me belongs the most fascinating life

yet I am all alone, with no companion or wife

gigantic mysteries and treasures cove within me

nothing is beyond my reach, for every part of the world I can be

I am a mother giving birth to creatures uncountable,

I am a god, having my world the most stable

but, yesterday's twilight shattered me to pieces

it was a nasty young girl's query, neither of my nieces

pearls rolling down her cheeks, she sat here alone

such sparkling and magical pearls to me were not known

silently embracing her I asked the reason for her cry

she didn't broke her mime, for her lips had grown dry

feeling insult to my pride, I portrayed my mights

drowning my boast, she appellate me to true heights

“what strength do you disclose before me??

what great might do you possess??” she put forth

“i am the god of the gods- the creator of life,

people come to me and feel nostalgic

for I am the one who opens their eyes to nature's true magic” I publicized my worth

“you are no god but a devil life taker”, she responded

amazed by her candid and virtue I was at shame and it was the red truth for which she now cried

to her nuisance I replied, “nasty fellow how do you dare to say so??”

Unexpected had now arrived,making me feel so much low

and then she spoke the red truth-

“you flood memories, relationships and separate hands,

you snatch a child's wish and devastate dreams of sand

you leave tears in many innocent eyes

you dumbfound the intelligence of the most wise

you starve people for hunger and leave them in disease

destructing civilizations, you leave us like wandering bees

you take away the hand of a father from a child's head

Oh! ignoramus god, your color is red...”

Hearing words of her distress,

my heart burst out of my chest

her words echoing numerous times in my head, I could no longer rest

ending her prattle she fell on her knees sobbing

hitting the reality, even I couldn't stop my throbbing

feeling helpless,her words had now shook me alone

I realized my sins, for in no other I could find my clone

wiping her tears she headed away from my water's soar

and promised never to revert to my shore

my immortal empire trying to weigh her tear

I shrunk to a drop, drowned by her lyrical fear

never had I felt this shiver and guilt

cause there was no single friendship or relation that I had built

but I still wondered the cause of the little girl's sorrow and grief

breaking walls of my ego, I found myself as the biggest thief

I then saw in my embrace lying the body of her father, mother and a tot

I was the biggest robber, for it was my empire in which her family had been lost.............

Tags: Loss, Tragedy, Death

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