Can you feel the waves crashing on the shore and on the rocks so tall.

Here the gulls cry out, the seals talking, every form of life singing its own special song.

What peace can be had, just relax, and feel your soul becoming one
with it all.

The morning sun rising over the ocean, gentle peace graces your being.

You ponder your life and things of your soul, nothing seems to matter,
except the comfort found from the peace of moment.

The day slips by, time seems to stand still as the day continues, and the
sun warms your soul.

Then setting sun shines its beauty all across the moving waters.

And then I think how can the violence of the water crashing, eroding
rock and sand formations be so calming.

I've often wondered how it cams my soul, so loud at times, yet so fulfilling
like none other.

I think how can something so complex, restore my life to a place of

Tags: Happiness

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