Ok here is my first ever attempt at fantasy. I hope you guys like it. Do read. Thanks in advance.

Stella was nearing her 18th birthday in two weeks. The nightmares had become a permanent residents of her sleep.
Each nightmare took her to the same cliff with the cave on it. Each time a voice called to her from within the cave. A pair of molten eyes beckoning her to join him. A feeling of being chased over took her n she would jump off the cliff. Instead of falling and dying in the murky waters bellow she would swim through like a mermaid.
Getting out of the water she made her way through the forest. This forest was a mile away from her house. Her father often went there with his buddies to hunt.
She had never been there but she knew the forest inside out by now through her dreams. She was sure of it. Every time she woke up her hair were wind blown from jumping off the cliff, her clothes were wet and her pajamas had mud on them.
Last night just two days before her 18th birthday her dream changed slightly. After she came out of the water she took the route that she believed was a short cut to her house. Before she could hit the main road she saw a woman. She looked old and haggard from afar. But something in her aura spoke of power. Huge amounts of it. She called Stella by name. Before she could react the unknown was about to catch her when she once again started running.
In a split of a second a lightening shone from the old ladies direction and struck behind stella.
Stella was rooted to the spot. She turned around to see what it had struck. A sight of burning dirty charcoal wings and ugly pair of huge eyes met her stare. It was a bird. But unlike any other this one had a torso almost like a man's. It had four claws big enough to rival what the mightiest of dinosaurs must have had. "No wonder I couldn't see this creature when I turned back because he is the colour of the darkest night's sky. But the eyes...." her thoughts were interrupted. And she once again heard the old lady speak to her. "Come to me stella time is running short".
Scared out of her mind she jumped and took off towards home and unlike the other times she woke up in her bed soon after. All the other times she had to open her bedroom door to wake up from her dreams.
More will come once i have thumbs up from the readers.

Tags: Fantasy

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