Where to Spend the Time of Your Life

People say life is too short to spend and waste through worrying and complaining about the things that might happen to one’s family, work, business, the environment and in politics. The popular poem “Desiderata” advises us to “go placidly amid the noise and haste; and remember what peace there may in silence”. Good advice to take for all times.

Why indeed should we waste time sweating out the small stuff or caring about what might happen when all that really matters is what we can do within our control – like what to eat for dinner, how to fix the drain pipe and where to spend the next weekend with the family.

We all have 24 hours allotted to spend within each day, no more, no less. Whether we spend life wisely or not, we use our time like we breathe the air, freely and, most of the time, unconsciously. Yet, there are a few of us who truly spend their time wisely – the call it “redeeming the time” or, in another sense, having the time of your life. Yes, not just using the time of your life but having the best use of our time as our abilities allow and as our passion for life requires. In the end, we set the limit to how much we get out of life.

Unfortunately, most people live mediocre lives. Only those who have the willingness to seek adventure on a daily basis fill their time with precious memories they can treasure in their later years.

Taking a weekend vacation, perhaps, is the only great adventure many people get to experience in their work-laden existence. Much of the year is spent at work or with the family doing work, chores and the regular minor diversions, such as parties, weddings and anniversaries. Leaving all that for a chance to go outdoors or on a holiday escapade is a fleeting moment in the eternity of the constant humdrum of city life.

The Palm Tree Resort( http://www.thepalmtreeresort.com/ ) provides visitors the chance to spend vacation not just wisely but meaningfully as its location, facilities, amenities and services suit perfectly the idea of the worry-free vacation and the opportunity to fill one’s treasure chest of memories. Take a dip in the resort’s well-designed pool, listen to the live band or enjoy the sumptuous meals in the resort. All these add up to that wonderful moment when you and your family can cherish your life together as a family and grow in the bond of love and companionship.

This is what family life is all about and The Palm Tree Resort caters to such adventure for all to savor in comfort and serenity within the breathtaking Subic Bay scenery.

Next time you think of spending a vacation, ask yourself instead: Where will I spend the time of my life away from the big city? The Palm Tree Resort awaits your warm company.

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