The ways the pathways end,
seem unintended to converge,
with the disguise of the evil's send,
dissent of both on grounds of will.

Flawed Taking the right decision,
supposed to be one, wrong in pirating,
the shore calls and yearns for the relationship;
the eyes set on the mountains, though all pointed towards waters.

Hand-tied, unable to cuff the minimal upbeat,
there's a circus coming this way, drunk moves;
All the time not realizing the voice to be 'stale'.
Positive being the legs directing.

Right now, The vision of two parallel paths,
seem to be in complete motion, against time;
faster, taking in breaths of the space,
Emergence a yes, Din to extinction en passe in seconds a no.

The webs entangling the body cut open,
only for once, for the tears did the job,
the optimistic ones, the power-risen ones,
no longer a bob to be leagued a pendulum.

Extradited the energy hidden to be evenly spread,
the gravity lying all in that tiny blood pumper.
The faith in that parallel intersecting, vandalized the grade of try;
The mountains are supposed to be meeting the sky,
and the waters shall be aiding the grounds here below.

All a myth I believe,
because when the eyes met with the horizon,
There was the meeting of the sky and the waters,
All I had to do was to reach that end, the infinity.

But ain't that infinity, the one we never realize,
The only thing that sufficed the hope build,
hankered to reach that perfect 'intersection' but parallel,
Oh yeah, Pathway to perfection is always a myth, an unsolved mystery.

Albeit I belie my hopes that I might be taking a good decision;
I make it succumb to the fact that momentary is the best way to be at true bliss.
So some decisions I take, profound ones, not minding of the future aftermaths.
The aim shall be, to be at peace, no more servitude.

No more absolute recurring world's wishes'.
The movement, the sincere way towards the pathway,
Will always be on and none the catastrophe shall decide the fate.
One day, will reach that absolute parallel 'intersection'.

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