This isn’t about the breakups, the lost love, grievances. It’s about concentrating on a parallel universe altogether and sidelining the sorrows which grieve us, feeling blessed, empowered and being thankful for the life ahead.

Take out your hand, close the fist, open it again. (You lazy bumps, do it! Feel blessed) Simple task, so easily done. And for this easily done task, the body has produced millions of proteins, each folded rightly, in a perfect shape to accomplish this mission- Grasping! (Ooh! Yes, this article is all scienc-y, but after reading long poems on CA- your CPTs, I have my revenge due)This article is a consequence of the awe I felt after pondering over the perfect-ness of the nature, of the living world, of our body so perfectly architected. Imagine, if the DNA wouldn’t have copied rightly to produce those- raw building blocks of yours- sperms and eggs. Supposedly, there would have been a minor mistake in copying. Analogous to writing ‘a’ instead of ‘an’ while you copy from that one friend who has her (Assuming no lad ever falls under that category) work done eras before submission. While this innocuous mistake won’t cost you your life until the work goes well on time, but when it comes to DNA, that genetic material which governs the similarity in your looks to that of your bua, chachi, tai, this minor mistake can prove hazardous, life threatening while it gets copied. Well no pun, no exaggeration intended. This DNA will all together lead to a defective protein being made, and this defective protein would directly affect your metabolite. So, you get the picture. That so easily done task- Grasping is because all the proteins involved in there are rightly shaped, folded, in a perfect sequence. Just a minor defect, and people are born disabled or get disabled. Be thankful for the tears which you can shed over that bad breakup and the lollipop which your sibling just snatched away from your mouth, for if the protein would have misfolded which makes up lysozyme (an important ingredient of tear), you would have tried hard and hard still not a tear would have left your eye, whatever may have been the calamity! (Fine I made that up, but such a condition would also exist, scientists haven’t reached there so far, lazy bumps all are)

But not the architecture of this human body. Your body is so perfect, you can’t get an idea from here. I need to introduce complex terms, get you all involved with pictures, jargons which isn’t quite possible. Of course despite my claim of it being perfect- disorders do exist. People do get dignosed for various diseases which apart from some being genetic, some are a consequence of our own mishandling of this perfect machinery.( Ponder on this mate!) Even then your body fights hard, hard not to get diseased, but then everything has its own limit, a threshold capacity. Even reading about the plethora of diseases makes you in awe of the body, how it’s intolerable to even the tiniest of the mistake. How it’s all so perfect!

If this would have intrigued you, another revelation would leave your mind boggling- Your thoughts govern what happens to you. So if you are encountering every red light on your way to work/college/important meeting despite being late, blame your thought process, not that manhoos soul whose chehra you saw first after getting up this morning. There is a law called ‘Law of attraction’ which states – You attract what you think. Your thoughts have a force which would create such conditions in the Universe which attenuates your thoughts whether negative or positive. So if you encounter all the conditions on your way which are bound to get you late is because you are constantly chanting- ‘I DON’T WANT TO BE LATE’. The nature doesn’t concentrate on ‘Don’t’ rather when this law decodes this thought process, it omits ‘don’t’ and consider it as if we want delays, because deep down we are gripped with this fear and things work in this way to make that fear come true. This law does sound weird but I have all the reasons in the world to believe it ‘cause-

1) I recently lost a dear watch, when a day before a random thought struck the mind- “This dosen’t look as good as it used to”. I had tried hard to shoo away that thought out of my mind but alas! Law of Attraction had been put into action by then. Situations were created which made that watch disappear and till now the whereabouts about that aren’t known and I still couldn’t trace that careless moment when that cherished watch parted its way from my wrist.
2) Getting late by 30 minutes on a 15 minutes journey after repeating nth times ‘Oh! Lord I DON’T want to be late’.
3) Getting some great deals in the market when I am sure there is something great in-stored for me over there.
4) When I know the day is not going to come out great, it indeed is the case. I might am attracting all the bad situations or might concentrating on the wrong aspect due to the pre-conceived thoughts. So you get the idea- right!

All this has been claimed in the much appreciated book- The Secret by Rhonda Bryne. Reading that book empowers you but at the same time- it leaves you with the worry to filter out every thought which is entering your mind- quite a hectic task when according to the same book- a man thinks around 60k thoughts in a day! Phew! There is a shortcut to that too- Govern your feelings. Feelings would affect thoughts and thoughts gradually govern your life. You are the architect of your life. You reap what you sow, and the thoughts are the seeds you sow! So its time to chuck out that age old adage ‘Thank you God for the World so sweet’ prayer with the new version-
‘Thank you God for the proteins that fold
Thank you God for the cup that I can hold
Thank you God for letting my food get in
Thank you God for the urine I pee’
For those who cribbed reading the last line- In cadmium poisoning you are unable to pass the urine. So even if this irritates your lazy bumps to get up and go to the washroom or when you curse the nature's call when it knocks up as an uninvited guest, Thank God your kidneys are alright and you could pee. Transform your thought process! Let all the positive-ness seek in! Feel blessed!

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